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Community Involvement

Part of PARMA Recordings’ ongoing mission is to bring fresh and interesting music to new listeners in our community.  PARMA is proud to support two initiatives that extend this work – PARMA’s Student Composer Competition and the PARMA Music Festival.

Student Composer Competition

As a part of PARMA’s continuing efforts to bring new music to the listening community and to support new performers and composers, PARMA’s annual Student Composer Competition holds a call for scores from current students in composition under the age of 30.  The top 10 winners from the Competition are included in the PARMA Anthology of Music and the Grand Prize Winner is rewarded with an additional prize.


With no entry fee and all costs subsidized, the PARMA Student Composer Competition is a great opportunity for student composers from around the world.


PARMA Music Festival

The PARMA Music Festival is an annual celebration of the best in contemporary music, from classical and jazz to electronic and rock and much more. With everything from live music to panel discussions to visual art and educational events, the Festival brings together a diverse crowd to perform, collaborate, and listen.


The non-profit Festival’s mission is to present compelling and eclectic music in diverse live settings to new and existing audiences, all while showcasing the beauty and culture of the NH Seacoast. Each year, the Festival brings artists, composers, students, ensembles, and performers from all over the world  the Granite State to perform a wide variety of music in traditional and non-traditional venues.


The Festival also partners with local and international arts organizations to program these unique concerts. While showcasing both local and international talent, multiple genres of music are presented from the concert hall to the local bar, with many surprising experiments and educational opportunities along the way.

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