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Your music deserves quality in every measure, and that’s what PARMA delivers. Since 2008, we have produced over 500 commercial releases across thousands of sessions from Boston to Bratislava, Cuba to the Czech Republic, St. Petersburg to Siberia, and many more.


Our goal is to create inspired, definitive representations of the pieces we record, and our performers work diligently to insure each composition is brought to life with accuracy, musicality, and expression. We actively encourage all our composers to collaborate closely with our team and players, attend the recording sessions in person or remotely via internet, and fully engage us in all aspects of the artistic decision-making process.


Recording Services Include:

• Recording Studio Services

• Production and engineering team

• Domestic and international musicians, conductors, and ensemble partners

• Session logistics, contracting, and score consultations

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Project Planning

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The Recording Process

1. Introduction

We begin every recording project by reviewing the music and goals of the artist, which will inform and drive all production aspects to achieve your musical vision in the studio.


2. Planning

We will then plan all logistics for your session, including selecting one of our many world-class studios and personnel from our network of renowned musicians/ensembles, engineers, and producers.


3. Final Score/Parts Submission

A final delivery of scores and parts will be requested for review and timely distribution to all session participants.


4. Session Preparation

Our team will collaborate with the production team on all technical aspects, including microphone plotting, X.Y.Z. We encourage all composers to attend their session for direct on-site collaboration. Streaming services are available for virtual attendance as well.


5. The Session

Finally, we will go to the studio and record your music.  The session will be run by the Producer, who will work with you directly to ensure your feedback is communicated and executed by all musicians and members of the recording team.  The results will give our engineers the materials needed to create a definitive, high-definition recording of the music.  

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