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PARMA provides a full complement of post-production services independent of our recording projects, including editing, mixing, and mastering.  Our team possesses deep expertise in delivering the highest quality results across a wide variety of genres and styles, including orchestral, chamber, solo, choral music, jazz, rock, pop, electronic, film/TV audio, and more.


Working closely in conjunction with our clients, we take a customized approach to each recording to achieve the best, most vibrant sound possible, using both cutting-edge techniques and time-tested methods to bring your music to life.


 Audio Post Production Services Include:

• Recording studio services

• Production and engineering team

• Domestic and international musicians, conductors, and ensemble partners

• Session logistics, contracting, score consultations, and rehearsals

• Editing, mixing, and mastering


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The Audio Post Production Process

1. Editing & Mixing

We will produce a seamlessly edited, clear, and balanced stereo mix of your recordings, and collaborate with you to fine-tune the sound.


2. Mastering

We will perform nuanced, detailed adjustments to polish your recordings and bring them up to commercial standards for release.


3. Production Engineering

Our engineers will analyze your recordings using critical listening and software tools to provide an in-depth audio analysis of your audio.  We will then prepare the recordings for distribution.


4. Replication

We will distribute your audio across many platforms both physical and digital, making sure your recordings sound terrific no matter how someone hears them.

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