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Artist identity development and branding


Enhanced Catalog Page

       Graphic Design Services Include:

  • Physical package design
  • Digital album design
  • Web design
  • Artist identity development and branding
  • Advertisement design
  • Thoughtful and collaborative step-by-step design development process
  • Professional design staff with nearly 500 album designs under our belt

Have you ever wondered what your music looks like? Translating our artists' music into engaging visuals that represent the concepts and tone of their music is the main goal of PARMA’s Design Department. The album cover is often the first encounter the listener has with your music and its presentation needs to be both visually eye-catching and technologically optimized to attract and hold the attention of an ever-expanding, ever-evolving marketplace. That positioning comes from careful analysis and strategic thought about your music, and your artistic goals.


PARMA’s team has experienced first-hand the massive shifts in industry and knows how to create products which incorporate the tried-and-true principles of physical product design and structure in a new, digital context. Our Enhanced Catalog Page has pioneered the digital bundling of audio along with scores and parts, providing a unique and effective platform to deliver your music to the public and industry alike.

It is no secret: today, more music is being purchased digitally then physically. PARMA recognizes the importance of being optimized to reach this larger consumer base and standardly creates a robust online catalog page for each album. Dubbed the Enhanced Catalog Page, this site is branded to visually connect with your physical album, and is a powerful asset for telling your release’s unique story. All information from your physical release is made available here, additionally, the online format is ideal for adding contextual multi-media such as audio, images, videos, scores, and purchase links. Have more to say than will fit into a CD booklet? No problem, we can include it on your Enhanced Catalog Page!


The Enhanced Catalog Page is also the perfect support mechanism for digital-only releases, making notes and other content that would be otherwise homeless or disconnected available in a cohesive package from the label.


When it comes time to tell the world about your album, the Enhanced Catalog Page is also a powerful promotional tool. The site is easily shared through social media or emailed to specific contacts and will provide the complete story behind your album.


Quick and easy recognition through professionally designed visual branding is important for any artist looking to reach a larger audience. Whether we are designing one album or launching a multi-installment series, PARMA develops graphics with the bigger, long-term picture in mind. Through consistent use of type styles, colors, imagery, and framing devices, the visuals we create can have a life well beyond a single album cover. Our integration of Design and Marketing strategies is a tremendous benefit to our artists, made possible to our “all under one roof” holistic approach to artist promotion.


Looking to brand a series of albums or create a consistent identity for yourself across all your visual communications? We can help!


Composer - Sergio Cervetti

Composer - Yves Ramette

The Shakespeare Concerts Series

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Artist identity development

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